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"LogWorks Designer" is a MS Windows application intended for visual design of log & timber homes and generation of house log manufacturing documentation. "LogWorks Designer" is not for everybody but for those who build log homes professionally. The application is fully customizable and each user can tune it up for needs of his particular manufacturing enterprise."LogWorks Designer" will benefit architects and engineers who designes structures built from milled logs or timbers."LogWorks Designer" will benefit manufacturers who produce log or timber homes or home kits"LogWorks Designer" will benefit contractors who assemble logworks

An output result of "LogWorks Designer" is a bunch of manufacturing and assembling documentation (reports) which log home builders can use in all stages of the business. Automatically generated documentation includes:

  • Wall plans
  • Floor plans
  • Plans of all courses (rows)
  • Plan of beams
  • Log specification table
  • Log cutout table
  • Material consumption table
  • Nameplates
  • Notches & log ends table


Click here to download LogWorksDesigner feature sheet (PDF document)